WP-Theme: NeoClassical 1.1 2R. (EN)

Tema opdateret til ver. 1.1.1: For Dansk version af NeoClassical, Klik her.

NeoClassical 1.1 2R.No doubt, – NeoClassical 1.1 is a fantastic WordPress Theme with Random, Rotating Header Images made by Chris Pearson, which WordPress themes i’m a great fan of.
Only thing about NeoClassical 1.1 is, that i like template-designs with 2 Sidebar Coloums at the right side, that’s why i made this version, – the NeoClassical 1.1 2R based on version 1.1 and compatible with WordPress Version 2.5 – Now it’s also ready to download for you!
Use the “Theme Switcher” to see it in action, or click here.
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En Kommentar til WP-Theme: NeoClassical 1.1 2R. (EN)

  1. Madzzoni skriver:

    New version 1.1.1: Added all the “comments-classes” to the “custom.css” and made adjustment for better alignment in the generel layout. Please update!

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