The New NeoClassical XL Theme for WordPress.

It’s Not what the NeoClassical theme can do for You, – It’s all about what You can do with the NeoClassical theme!
Despite the fact, that the popular Neoclassical 1.1 theme have some years on it’s back now, – it’s still a awesome, easy-to-customize and SEO friendly theme for your WordPress website,- if you still like to get your own hands under the bonnet and do some HTML- and CSS coding yourself.
The New NeoClassical XL is my recent customization of this theme, an eXtra Large Edition of The original, with Horisontal Drop-Down Menubar and enough space to fit in a 480px widescreen Youtube video in the content area.

What You Get!

Besides the the new XL-design with huge 900x180px Header-images and automatic addition of page-links in the Menu-bar, there is also added a new class p class="intro" to the custom.css file. An easy way to

highlight and wrap your intro-text in the content with 10% larger fonts

than the default size. (The p class="note" effect is still there too!)
This Theme is ready for WordPress 2.9+ and tested with Safari 4, FireFox 3+ and IE7+ webBrowsers on Mac and PC.

NeoClassical XL: Live demo.

Free Download:

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11 Kommentarer til The New NeoClassical XL Theme for WordPress.

  1. River skriver:

    Please e-mail me when the english version is available…I’m jut starting with word press and neoclassical…its been a steep learning curve for me…still trying to figure things out

  2. Madzzoni skriver:

    Hola and Hello!
    The free new NeoClassical XL theme is now ready for DOWNLOAD!


  3. Saundra skriver:

    I love it! I’m using the old Neoclassical WP theme, which I loved. I want this one. Thank you.

  4. Christian skriver:

    hi. I can’t figure out how to activate the Neoclassicl XL file. I’m new to WP and can only change the theme if it’s in a ZIP-file.
    Can you help?

  5. Madzzoni skriver:

    Hi Christian, U should be able to activate the NC XL1 via admin/themes/ in the admin menu.

  6. Christian skriver:

    Hi Madzzoni,
    When I activate NC XL the whole template gets lost. I can activate the NC theme that is downloaded as a ZIP-file but when I activate “Neoclassical%20XL-EN”-file it’s not working.
    Can you help with this?

  7. Madzzoni skriver:

    Hello Christian.
    You have to unpack the ZIP-file before upload. Then U transfer the complete NC XL directory via FTP to your: /wp-content/themes.

    Which Host do U use?

  8. Christian skriver:

    Hi again,
    The problem is when I download the file my system does not recognize it. Is it a ZIP-file? or do I have to pack it a ZIP-file? The other themes I have downloaded are all ZIP-files and are easy to up-load via the WP theme upload.
    I’m using

  9. Madzzoni skriver:

    Sorry, the file on the server is not zipped. I just send U a mail with a Zipped file.

  10. Christian skriver:

    Works! Great, thanks

  11. Hi, I have the same issue as Christian, I do not get the zipped file. can you help ? Thanks

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